‘Nostalgia’ is a feeling that comes when we think of the past. Moments spent with friends and family are always fun to remember. Where ever you go, you carry a feeling to reach out to people or situations that give us the most happiness and security. Whenever we feel uncomfortable, we have a tendency to go back to the said circle. It may be your home, friends or family. Even though it is common to think so, it may cripple our growth.

Why do you need to break it?

The question is, why should I leave a place that gives me so much joy and comfort? If you want to grow seamlessly, See life as an opportunity for that. Try to realize that you will not reach your goal without breaking your comfort zone.  Today’s generation is growing up in the midst of so much convenience and happiness than older generations who have gone through a lot of hardships. That is why when life is in crisis, we often get tired. We feel a lack of confidence. Overcoming a problem is very difficult for us. Even the smallest failures can hurt them very badly. Allow your changing circumstances to positively impact your personality. Believe in yourself and move on.

Identify yourself

When you break your comfort zone, you will realize how this feeling is affecting you. The insecurity we feel when we move away from our home or from our loved ones for a job, for education may lead to anxiety, depression, and other disorders. This may be due to new circumstances, hesitation or inability to adapt. when we feel insecure, we hesitate and won’t try to adapt

Get out of your comfort zone 

A person who confined herself in the comfort zone should break the barrier, and come out to challenge yourself. Facing the situation alone forces one to achieve many things without the help of another. Realizing that there is no one to help you, you will be forced to do things as your own. Be aware that there is a world of endless possibilities around you.

 Embrace the new world 

Like a bird who escaped from the cage, embrace the freedom. Be passionate and enjoy new situations, opportunities, and challenges in life. Approach the world in front of you with the belief that you can always learn something that has never experienced before. Life will become more beautiful.


Madhu Bhaskaran

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a very famous HRD trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala , South India. Through his 24 years' experience in the capacity building training, he created the spark in more than one lakh people.

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