How to manage conflicts?

Conflict is bound to happen when people of different perceptions and ideologies meet. whether it is in personal or professional life, it may arise. But we can’t categorize every conflict into bad ones. There are bad conflicts and good conflicts. Good conflict helps you to express your ideas, share different points, and improve productivity.

You may get involved in conflict or there may have situations in which you have to resolve conflicts. Here we are discussing some conflict management styles.


This style can be used when you want to keep peace, feel like you have no choice but to agree with other’s point of view. The people who have concern for others sometimes choose this style. Your kid is crying and making a scene at supermarket while you are billing. To avoid the inconvenience for others, you may agree with her to buy the chocolate she wants. Here the father clearly knows he shouldn’t cope up with her stubbornness, but there is a long waiting queue so he is willing to break the rule once for the beneficial outcome.


When you want to avoid or don’t want to get involved in conflicts you may choose this. Suppose a customer claims, the product is broken and you are clearly aware that it is not a broken product. If you are following this style you won’t argue with the customer whether it is broken or not, instead you clearly instruct how to use it and make them understand, it was because they were not following the instructions properly. You won’t also pursue the matter how the customer argued with you before.


What ever the situation is, “I should win” is the thought you have when you follow this style. A teacher is teaching the class and a student is causing disturbance. You have warned the student many times but he/she is not stopping and It is also affecting the class. Rather than making the whole class uncontrolled, you can use competing style to make him/her stop.


If you placed an order and got the wrong one in Swiggy, they may refund you or provide some discount coupons for next order. Here the customer can have the food and he will be pleased by the coupon. He will be ready to forgive the mistake while Swiggy is protecting their image by calming down the irate customer. In this approach, reaching a solution is important than finding a great solution.


In collaborating approach, the needs of all parties are met. This is a win-win situation i.e. both parties will be benefited without giving up.

We can choose any styles according to the situations you may face in your life. You can also make use of conflict to increase the  trust and for  better collaboration among the team members




Madhu Bhaskaran

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a very famous HRD trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala , South India. Through his 24 years' experience in the capacity building training, he created the spark in more than one lakh people.


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