Let go of your inferiority complex!!

At some point in our life, we feel down about ourselves especially after facing failures. We feel disappointed, overwhelmed, and think “Am I worthless”.? This is quite natural. Normally we feel so when we face something, we can’t handle.

Some people never feel good about themselves. They always degrade themselves, never value themselves and have a feeling that they can’t achieve anything. They doubt themselves or never believe in their skills or abilities and always think others are better than them. Are you that kind of person? Then you may have an inferiority complex. Let me ask a question to those people. if you don’t love yourself, then who will love you?? If you don’t believe in yourself who will believe and value you. If you don’t respect yourself who will respect you?

Symptoms of inferiority complex

  • Overly conscious of other people’s opinions
  • Can’t handle criticisms
  • Always compare yourself with others
  • Don’t like to be socially involved
  • Experiencing negative emotions when you see other’s happiness (Esp. in social media)
  • Don’t stand up for yourself

How to overcome?

Fix your self-image

Self-image is how you see yourself. When your inferiority complex is based on a false belief, fixing the self-image will help you fight the inferiority complex. For eg; If you think you don’t have any skills or abilities, try to find the abilities in you. I believe everyone is unique and have some gifted abilities in them. Finding that ability will boost your self-esteem and you will certainly look yourself differently.

Determine who you feel inferior to

Find out who you feel inferior to. Sometimes we may feel inferior when we hang out with our beautiful friends or we may compare ourselves with the brightest among your group. List all the names who you feel inferior to and find a quality you have but they don’t have. This is not to compare you with others but to make sure that you do have certain qualities they don’t have. Everyone is not perfect.

Stop worrying about what others think

This thought will prevent you to do what you love or to express your opinions. If you are not able to express a great thought or idea in your meeting, it will cripple your professional life. Never feel ashamed of your ideas.

Live for a higher purpose

Everyone has heard the story about cathedral and stone cutter. Two persons were working near a building. The first worker was not at all interested in working. He was tired and uninspired. Someone asked him “what are you working on”?He replied, “I’m cutting stones,”. The passer-by asked the same question to the second one. He passionately replied, “I’m helping to build a cathedral.” Both were doing the same work. But he was proud of himself and he respected himself. Like the second worker, value yourself and believe in yourself.

Be the best sock

“Be the best sock “is a dialogue from a movie.  I don’t remember the movie name or exact dialogues from it. A child sock was complaining about how others are treating him and how insignificant is he. But the dad sock said “Everyone is born with certain abilities and they all have a purpose in their life. Don’t get bothered about what others say. But be the best sock your owner ever had”. Like dad sock said, be confident in who you are and lead a meaningful life.




Madhu Bhaskaran

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a very famous HRD trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala , South India. Through his 24 years' experience in the capacity building training, he created the spark in more than one lakh people.

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