Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Unhappy and dejected, an amateur writer gave up hope of finding a publisher to print
his work. In a moment of utter frustration, he threw his draft into the dustbin.
Finding the abandoned manuscript in the basket, his wife picked it up and placed it
before him, “My dear Norman, you cannot give up. Your work will get noticed and will
surely be appreciated. Strive on!”

The author was Norman Vincent Peale and ironically, the book was titled, The Power
of Positive Thinking, and turned out to be an inspirational best seller.
A man of positive thinking will bravely face problem after problem and never feel
tired. He will convert every stumbling block into a stepping stone. He knows that a
man has not failed until he has given up. And he will never give up.

Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for his book, The Old Man and the
Sea. It is said that he revised the manuscript over 40 times before submitting it to the
publisher. And note that, to this day, one of the most memorable quotes from that
classic is: “But man is not made for defeat.”

A man of positive thinking will never quit. He is a man of triple faith – he believes in
God, he believes in himself and he believes in the world around him. He knows that
whatever he does will surely find a response from somewhere, somehow.
Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one
thing until it gets there ; says Josh Billings.
Imagine that your mind is a garden. Watch the flowers and plants. When you see
weeds, what do you do? You uproot them and throw them away.
Do the same with thoughts that are negative, thoughts that are of failure and
weakness. Then, the garden of your mind will always be fragrant and fresh.

Madhu Bhaskaran

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a very famous HRD trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala , South India. Through his 24 years' experience in the capacity building training, he created the spark in more than one lakh people.

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